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For all your telecommunication issues we have a solution.

Fibre broadband – Mobile broadband – Internal Wi-Fi solutions – Mobile boosters

We develop solutions for all home & business users.

If your broadband is drooping or you think that something isn’t right. You feel that connection needs to be maintained or router is dying, but your broadband provider keep saying that your line is perfect, call us. We do service calls, so we can send you engineer that can verify what’s the problem. Fix it on the spot or provide other solution that could be more sufficient for you.

Wifi not strong enough? That’s no problem. We have big range of wifi access point and wifi extenders that can boost your wifi signal internally or externally in case that you need wifi in you garden or at the back of your house.

Broadband over 3G/4G LTE

We found that sometimes your mobile data is way quicker than your actual wifi broadband tru your phone line provider. Specially in rural and supper rural area where your house is to far from exchange and because of that you getting very poor internet speed.

If that’s the case why not go wireless? You could have mobile tower on site behind your house that will give way quicker broadband wirelessly. We can provide full installation of your 3G/4G LTE system which include external antenna that is tuned to your mobile provider cell tower for the best signal range. Also induce all necessary cables, clips, brackets, antenna masts and internal wifi router for your wireless internet connection at your property.

Any query related to that just send us your eircode and we’ll take it from there